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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last of the naughties

Technically, I know, the decade still has a year to go, but it will be very satisfying tomorrow to get rid of those double zeroes. It's been an awful decade, full of such zeroes as ex-Presidents, negative markets, mindless sectarianism (religious and political), and needless wars. I'm not sure how we're going to improve. The Obama agenda is obviously the first step, if it ever gets through with any semblance of its original promise. May I also propose a healthy dose of Maine for the years to come? If you aren't as blessed as I am and can't live in the state for any length of time, or at least visit, here's my New Year's prescription.
  • Get outside. Breathe in clean air. Walk in the woods. Sit by the ocean and think.
  • Take life more slowly.
  • Be a little cussed, skeptical, independent.
  • Read books by the fire.
  • Cultivate your friends. Embrace your family.
  • Split wood.
  • Drink Moxie.
Happy New Year!

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smilla4blogs said...

So happy to have stumbled across your blog! You live in a beautiful part of my favorite place on earth. Happy New Year!