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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Zip line

A man named Christien Wilson is looking for land in the Camden area on which to construct a zip line park. It would feature an "aerial trekking confidence course....the real hold on to your pants, big adrenaline rush zip line rides." From what I saw on Google (I had to look up "zip line" - well, it could have been some kind of mass transit from the yacht club to the bars), one is strapped to a cable and one goes down for a few seconds, maybe even half a minute, over hill, over dale, through trees and over scrub, shrieking, and at the end of the line one has been rushed, parted from considerable money, of course gained confidence, and then faces some kind of trek back up to fill the emptiness that speed and a complete disregard for the beauty around you produces. Mr. Wilson apparently would like to attach himself and his heavenly lines to the Snow Bowl, which is the only place in town that is zoned for such shenanigans (and I do mean to include down-hill skiing).

Camden Parks and Recreation will consider this for about twelve seconds, I imagine and hope, even though zip lines have "been the saving grace in many South American and Caribbean countries." (Parted from considerable money indeed!) Cheap thrills won't do in a town that boasts the opening soon of the Smiling Cow gift shop for the 70th straight year.

I wonder what interested Mr. Wilson in Camden. Its population of grey-haired adventurers? Tourists seeking more thrills, say, than a gorgeous coast, magnificent hiking and superb dining? Probably little more than hills of a reasonable size next to a considerable cache of disposable cash. But he's way off base. I personally have seen resemblance between Camden and Cozumel only on Saturday afternoons in August.

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