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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Worst and best

Forbes magazine has rated Maine dead last in their rankings of business-friendly states. Let's see, what do they call it? Best States for Business and Careers.

All I can say is, Hurray!

Well, I had better mince that word a little. Even though the table Forbes provides
is inexplicable because the weighting factors are not divulged, one still must admit that Maine is a poor state. No getting around that. There's not all that much to cheer about from the point of view of money.

But the factor in Forbes' analysis called Quality of Life (also that Careers thing in the study title) got me to thinking, and cheering. Herewith, my guesses at what is really going on in this "research."

  • Maine people are too cussed independent for the typical business.
  • It's cold here half the year.
  • There aren't enough German car dealers, local chapters of Ivy League alumni associations, cigar shops, and members-only country clubs for those "C" people (CEOs, CFO, COOs).
  • There aren't enough ballet schools, equestrian venues, Fifth Avenue shops, and private tutors for those "C" people's families.
  • There aren't any big cities.
  • Maine's major border is with a foreign country (also, New Hampshire, which may be the same thing).
  • State government doesn't pander enough (except maybe to wind-power companies).
  • There are no big companies to brag about, measure up to, compete-on-the-charity-circuit-with.

So that's what's really going on - big and fancy and outlandish we don't have. So naturally Forbes calls Maine the worst.

You know what I'm going to say next. Hurray! The best!

I'll also just mention that Maine has one of the better unemployment rates in the country....


Kellie said...

Well, I just moved here (from the big city) and couldn't be happier! I still love the urban environment, but I agree - Maine can't be beat!

Jeff Boatright said...

"It's cold here half the year."

And it's REALLY cold the other half...