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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

US National Toboggan Championships

Following the 21st annual USNTC, held this past weekend at the Camden Snow Bowl, here are the winners of my Best Name contest.

Two-person teams:

Gold - Soggy Boggin Boys
Silver - Dumb and Dumber
Bronze - Fat Bloated Idiots
Honorable Mention - Chute, I'm Out of Beer

Three-person teams:

Gold - Frozen Peckerwoods
Silver - PMS
Bronze - Junior Beano
Honorable Mention - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Four-person teams:

Gold - Faster Than a Redneck
Silver - Internal Bleeding
Bronze - Four Wingnuts
Honorable Mention - Grandma Got Run Over By More Than a Reindeer

I'm sorry to report that none of my winners were actual (speed) winners but speed winners hardly matter in a race in which a few hundredths of a second separate the top spots, and only about a second separates first from last (of more than 400 teams). Creativity is much more rewarding.

I'm happy to report that the repeat winner of the Best Costume was a team from the Netherlands, which I guess makes the event an International Championship. See http://knox.villagesoup.com/news/story/toboggan-nationals-under-way-in-camden/380636 .

A couple of my winners, however, are past champions:

1 comment:

Joseph said...

Jim, great article! I do however disagree with the placing of the 4 person team Best name contest.
I believe Grandma got run over by more than a reindeer was ultimately the greatest name of the year if not ever. This is just my opinion and felt I needed to share my feelings. Looking forward to reading more of One man's Maine.
sincerely; Joseph Kusmierski (The Rudolph from Grandma got run over by more than a reindeer).