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Monday, December 19, 2011

Dead last

The governor steps in it again. When Forbes named Maine as the worst state in the nation for business, LePage apparently phoned them up for ammunition for his political agenda and claimed Forbes told him, among other things, that Maine's welfare costs were ruining the state. Forbes denied it. In fact, welfare isn't even a part of their formula. But LePage is desperately trying to get rid of 65,000 MaineCare recipients and will say and do almost anything to achieve Teabagger politics, as Maine residents well know after a year of it. Those recipients are of course poor and old and sick and should have the decency just to go away and die in the woods.

Politicians are notoriously shortsighted, but this one is dead last in that category. Balancing budgets on the backs of the poor is not only immoral, but idiotic. Denying basic medical care to those 65,000 will cost more health dollars, higher insurance rates, more ER visits, and higher unemployment among the people who take care of them even while tax cuts for the better-off continue. In some ways I'm proud that Forbes rates Maine so poorly. People don't act like businesses here. There's a tradition of taking care of people here. There are communities here. There is tolerance here. None of these attributes are exactly hallmarks of business, are they?

I'm also happy to report that Forbes ranks the US's other paradise state - Hawaii - at number 49.


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog by reading the recent article that refers to winterberries - very well written, I enjoyed it. I liked your passion. I read a bit more, however...and was disappointed to see that you appear to be a typical carpetbagger (although not geographically accurate, a much more accurate term than your disingenuous, and frankly immature, use of the term "teabagger"), who forces an image of Maine that conforms to your own agenda and ideals. I think that you use the State to supplement everything that you were not able to obtain prior to your move from Mass. It's depressingly obvious: you raced with rats in Mass, and now you live in Maine in a half-yuppie, half-downeaster coastal town, that you think for some reason is similar to the other 99.99% of the state. What you love about Maine is in your mind; a forced manifestation of ideals that you failed to realize elsewhere. What is ultimately unfortunate for Maine is the reason why you can find those ideals here is that the state is relatively 'untainted'. Without people like you trying to make it into something ('Saving Maine', with all due respect), Maine has been able to mind its own business.

This bring me to your reaction on LePage's welfare efforts. MUCH OF MAINE IS POOR. This we all know. If welfare is made easy to get, it will be taken advantage of. It is not in the true nature of this state to have a broad welfare system. We are a self reliant people. It is pretty much only those who don't work and yuppie carpetbaggers like you who share your view. Try and find a real Mainer (one who's parents were born here), who works, what they think of welfare for those other than the elderly.

Also, in response to you statement, "Let's just say that Walker's Point is not really Maine": Owl's Head Is? Who are you to say what "really Maine" is, are you kidding? I would say that most areas within a mile from the coast have pretty much eroded. Please leave our lakes alone at least.

I'm sorry to be so combative, but many of us in Maine don't appreciate the "it's not what you say, it's how you say it" crowd. I hope at least you will try and understand, explore, and be humbled by the fact that you are not a product of the state you are so obsessed about, and how it may conflict with the very essence of your romantic ideals. If you didn't cast stones like you do in many of your posts I would have been nicer. Envision my mood as friendly-argumentative.

And lastly, thanks for the anonymous posting option. Like many Mainers, I like my anonymity. I don't suspect you'll allow this post, though. I'd understand. Take care.

Jeff Boatright said...

Ha! But he did allow the post. Makes you look a little silly and paranoid, hey bunkie?

As to the term "teabagger," well, it's what they called themselves for a long time and now you don't think it's politcially correct to use it? What a hoot! How now, brown cow? A teabagger lecturing us on how to be more PC - did an angel just get it's wings?