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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Glad, then and now

We're just back from Copenhagen, visiting our daughter Kate for a week It's a beautiful city (see my wife's photos), a beguiling mix of the very old and the very new. Also, I suspect that all restaurants with windows on the street have contracts with the passing scene to require that at least 5 tall, attractive, blond people drive by on bicycles each minute. Makes it hard to concentrate on your smorrebrod.

If one must live in a city, Copenhagen is at the top of the list. Determinedly urban (when we left our apartment to go to the airport, a party was still going on in the apartment below and we met a couple on the stairs actually going into it, at 5:30 a.m.), yet it's on a reasonable scale, with a lot of gardens and parks. The lilacs were out everywhere, for example, exceeded only by the press of people taking in a rare, sunny afternoon on the Stroget, in the squares, on the city hall plaza. At least it didn't rain much, making the chilly air bearable (it reached 60 maybe twice all week). We were very glad to have visited, and with such a terrific tour guide.

Yet I'm ecstatic to be back. The lilacs in Maine are tree-like, just a couple of days from full fragrant flower, and the lupine are just starting, and the poppies are about to burst, and the trees are fully leaved, and I walk down to Ash Point on the edge of a warm rain shower, blue sky over the bay ahead, gray sky behind.

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Jeff Boatright said...

Hey! I was promised photos of tall blonds! All I got was photos of Danish boats and a handful of people. Admittedly your daughter is cute, but c'mon, she's not all that tall. And your wife is cute, too, but clearly a brunette! You, OTOH, are tall and at one point may have been blond, but sadly, not what we were expecting per the advertisement.

Glad to hear that you had a good visit and are back home already enjoying Maine's Spring. Ours down here in Georgia has been remarkably full of wildlife in the yard (a veritable Disney on grass) and for whatever reason, lower humidity days.