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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sunrise or sunset?

Is the sun setting on racism, misogyny, corporate PAC money, and granny-starving?

Is the sun rising on better medical care, immigration reform, and the end of Middle East wars?

I'd like to think so but it's a matter of hope more than fact.

I can say for sure, however, that in Maine Governor LePage stands nearly alone after the voting this week. Both Maine Senate and House flipped to the Democrats, the open US Senate seat went to an independent who most asssuredly will caucus with the Democrats, and both Democratic US Reps retained their seats. Bond issues that the Governor doesn't like were approved, including another chunk of money for Land for Maine's Future, and the legality of same-sex marriage was for the first time in the country approved by ballot. Susan Collins, the other US Senator, is a Republican who sometimes votes with the Democrats and has little to do with Augusta. It looks like a new day to me.

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