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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Toboggan championships

The 23rd annual US National Toboggan Championships were held last weekend at the Snow Bowl, abbreviated to only one day of sliding, tippling, and posing because of the big storm. Herewith, I present my 3rd annual Best-Name winners

Four-Person Teams

Gold                           The Desperate Housewives
Silver                          Team Testicular Fortitude
Bronze                        Greatful Sled
Honorable Mention      Icy Privates

Three-Person Teams
Gold                            The Meat Thermometers
Silver                           Arma Sleddin'
Bronze                         Drive It Like You Stole It
Honorable Mention      Aristacracks

Two-Person Teams

Gold                           Cold and Hungry
Silver                           My Second Favorite Team
Bronze                         God Help Us
Honorable Mention       Drift Burgers

Note than past winners like the Soggy Boggan Boys and Eat More Kale are not eligible for a while. Also note that this award bears no correlation whatsoever to the actual winners.

Once again the Royal Dutch National Toboggan Team won Best Costume. The Dutch are so flamboyant!

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