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Monday, June 9, 2014

A Maine Gazetteer: Loon

My bird-watching occurs mostly during hours on the deck or walks in the woods. Here’s my literary version of a life-list (don’t worry, it’s short).
The loon is first and foremost. It’s a magical bird. Its body is sleek and painted, its need for pure water and solitude is paramount, it is territorial both fiercely and tenderly, its call is of course eerie, and most of all, those amazing circle dances on the lakes are reminders of the things we're losing. These days I see loons on the ocean or on Lake Megunticook, from the shore or from the kayak. They float and dive, dignified and leisurely, like bankers on holiday. All propriety, no savagery, except in those far-off dances.

Excerpted from Saving Maine: A Personal Gazetteer

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