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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Reviews for One Man's Maine: Essays on a Love Affair

Here are excerpts of the great reviews that the new book is generating.

“Krosschell [understands] that the world moves; times shift; and there's a balance to be sought between society, with all its screens and buzzes, and nature. He celebrates the slow pleasures to be found scraping moss off the roof and asks the big questions about what kind of world is being left behind to younger generations.”
Nina MacLaughlin, The Boston Globe

“A string of vignettes like perfect Maine pearls on a twist of sweet grass, Jim Krosschell’s One Man’s Maine brings us a perfect set of closely observed reflections on what it means to live in right relation with the natural world. Honest and drawn with a light touch, Jim gets us to relax and savor the sweetness of Maine’s true nature . . . and when we open our eyes, we see that he’s given us something real and true to think about.”
Tim Glidden, President of Maine Coast Heritage Trust

"One Man's Maine is really everyone's Maine. Jim's descriptions of the landscapes I fell in love with when I first moved here decades ago are an expression of my own heart.  I hope this book spawns a legion of environmental advocates that will rise up and protect this beautiful state, which so many residents and visitors treasure."
Lisa Pohlman, Executive Director, Natural Resources Council of Maine

“Jim Krosschell’s essays are an inviting and thought-provoking revelation of how Maine has pulled in and transformed the life of a man from ‘away.’“
John Rensenbrink, Prof. Emeritus Bowdoin College, Co-Founder, US Green Party and the Maine Green Party

“This is a book of essays full of observation and introspection, in the vein of E.B. White. Each piece is powerfully contemplative. There's humor, too, but what I liked best about the book is how it documents Maine: its natural beauty, literary history, irresistible allure.”
Allison Wells, Explore Maine 2017, Natural Resources Council of Maine

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