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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Hard Rain

It borders on masochistic, on one of the summer's most beautiful days, to write about yesterday's rain. But the contrast suits a Calvinist's soul. Optimism and pessimism always fighting, very handy half the time: when it's raining, you expect it will turn sunny; when it's sunny, you expect rain. Truly, tomorrow is another day (it will probably rain).

And what a contrast! On the 12th, hard rain and a high of 60 degrees. On the 13th, blue skies and 75. Yesterday, a wonderful lethargy (which means a lot of reading and thinking). Today, a lot of energy (which means a long walk and gardening). There's no question in my mind that changing weather and moods and seasons keep you young.

Curiously, when you're on vacation you get dozy in the rain and energetic in the sun. When you're in the office, you work hard in the bad, cold weather (there's nothing else to do) and mope around in the nice, warm weather (there's so much else to do). I'm always surprised that anything gets done in California.

A rainy day also makes you remember how blessed we are in our creature comforts. A sunny day? Let's raise goats, grow tomatoes, gather kelp, bake bread, give up fats, cancel the cable, do good works, live for today! No wonder we're so happy in Maine - it's perfect for lapsed religionists.

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