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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ordinary Life

There's a lovely spot on Calderwood Lane in Rockport called Vesper Hill Chapel, the site of a former mansioned estate, then fancy hotel (that burned), then simple open-air chapel and grounds that's popular for weddings. The chapel is rough-hewn, with picnic-table benches for the wedding party; the grounds are small and nicely landscaped, just enough space for a tent if it rains, and just enough flowering plants to show the gardener cares. It perches on a hill, is surrounded by trees, and overlooks the bay. The contrast with the huge houses on the shore could not be greater.

So I'm posting this picture from the chapel grounds. To me, admittedly swayed into lust for the great and beautiful white behemoths next to the water, with their guest houses and extensive gardens and docks long enough to berth ocean liners, the very simple is even more desirable. Or is useful in making sure that it continues to be so.

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