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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Quite a versatile word, "leave" (depart, abandon, vacation, bequeath, deposit, permit). I like the fact that it's also a variant on the verb form of "leaf," since that word seems to derive ultimately from the Latin word for "book."

Turning the pages of a book is like walking in the woods and seeing new wonders with each step. At some pages you just want to stop and stare and preserve them forever. Sometimes you race through them like wind blowing through aspen. Eventually those pages crumble and fade, but they've nourished you and, falling to the ground at last, they nourish others.

Sad to say, I departed Maine yesterday, abandoning the woods; we will vacation a bit in California starting next week, bequeathing the dog to Caroline 's care; and I am depositing these images in space, and permitting myself to live on fantasies of the woods and the water for the next month or so.

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