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Saturday, February 14, 2009


I don't want to know how the figure $787 billion was arrived at, just as I don't want to know how sausage is made. I do want to know how it's possible that all but three Republicans voted against it. "We're mortaging the future of our children, this is the return of liberalism, big government will have its hands in your pockets," were some of the idiocies voiced, these from the party that presided over eight years of unregulated greed, intense debt, disdain of children, and big bankers with their hands in our pockets. A spokesman for the bankers opined (on limits on executive bonuses), "This is a big deal. This is a problem. It undermines the current incentive structure."


I'm sure some billions are pure Democratic pork, some billions will stimulate only certain congresspersons' egos. But bully for the three Republican Senators who held their noses and voted yes anyway. Two-thirds of them are women from Maine, the state where individual rights and concerns sometime actually transcend political partisanship.

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