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Monday, March 30, 2009

Into Every Life....

Might as well be on the Maine coast in a storm these past two days, with the wind and the rain and the temperature unmoving at 41 degrees. There are few redeeming features to March in Massachusetts. The warmish days are a tease. We expect snow/sleet/freezing rain any minute. There is unconscionable cruelty to crocuses, snapped shut and shivering their little pistils.

Global warming has made March the cruelest month.

Mr. Eliot would still feel at home in Maine in April, however. Think all of the above, plus mud.

At least we won't have Rick Wagoner to blame for climate change anymore. GM's champion of the pick-up/SUV/Escalade/Hummer family of gas-guzzling monstrosities was forced by the government to resign as CEO (but not from the company - apparently his golden parachute is too expensive!). So he's only half-gone, still leaning, barely, held up by his friends, still burning through the billions.

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