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Monday, March 16, 2009


The news that sales at Maine's seed companies are up as much as 50% is most heartening. The high cost of supermarket food (notice how the prices have not come down in spite of the drop in demand for corn and oil, the recession, and near deflation in most other prices), interest in local foods, and of course the bad economy are contributing, they say. These companies are hiring, not firing. Once again, some good may be growing from evil.

It's still winter (we strictly follow calendar rules here in Owls Head, no rejoicing until March 20) but even today, in spite of the cold east wind off the water, the sun has that little extra warmth that allows a slight - not too loudly now - whimper of pleasure. We have to wait a while for the snow drops (seen yesterday in MA) and the brave green tops of daffodils and crocuses; we don't have to wait for the general uplifting of spirits. It appears that it won't get worse anymore before it gets better. The miracle of seeds - thawing, stirring, pushing out - is about to happen again.

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