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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting Together

My friend the moose bitterly complained yesterday that I had failed to introduce him as a member of the menagerie. In my defence, there were two problems, (1) that he obviously is made of undrifted wood (he's a Christmas tree ornament in fact, given us by a friend who comes up with something unusual and lovely every year), and (2) that Blogger didn't want me to load more than five photos. So apologies to a special person.

Here is Special Person having a tender moment with the pig.

Dogfish and eel lie down together.

A slightly menacing moment from the whale.

A family portrait (note Special Person in the middle, in the center of everything).

Next posting: back to the mantle.

1 comment:

Bonnie said...

I wandered onto your blog and what a pleasant surprise to see how attached you have become to Special Person (SP)! I was delighted by SP's inclusion into the Mantle Menagerie despite his not quite measuring up to all the driftwood members. And I noticed immediately his place of honor in the CENTER of the family portrait. Thanks Jim --- you made my day today --- lighter, sweeter, and more joyful as you shared your driftwood family.

Looking forward to more tales, more members!