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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vinalhaven bits (I)

Last week, we were on island for a total of 4 hours so I don't feel justified in giving more than a few glancing comments, based entirely on Cindy's photos.

On the shore just north of town was this abandoned structure. We stopped a bit to take pictures and ruminate on what possible story it could be telling. Helpfully, a woman came out of the house across the road and asked, "Can I help you?" What she really wanted to say was a warning not to go into the building (as it wasn't safe), and a little history (it had been a schoolhouse on Green Island, moved to Vinalhaven, purchased by her grandfather, now owned by her brother and used to store traps in the winter, and obviously not much else). She was very friendly, and a bit quirky. I didn't dare ask her for the stories behind the story.
Speaking of quirky, I've been trying to come up with a story for the following picture. I give up.

As we were waiting for the ferry, the base for the final turbine for the new Fox Island Wind project was being barged in. Is this the connection to the giraffe?

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