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Friday, October 2, 2009

Brain tease

I've discovered the cure for senility. No, it's not Scrabble or Sudoku or gin rummy or even gin. It's walking on Maine's seashore and negotiating its sharp rocks, tippy rocks, rolling rocks (but not Rolling Rocks, unfortunately). The brain must work very hard indeed in constant assessment. Will that rock about to receive my foot slide, wobble, pierce my Nike, tilt, roll? You are continually planning your campaign for the flat and the stable. You lose yourself in your left brain; you can feel the plaque melting away.

You can walk on elderly sand beaches, like Old Orchard or Miami. Go ahead if you want to go gaga a little faster.

The cure assumes you keep moving. Stopping to look at islands or loons or that really nice house just ahead is right-brain stuff, never proved to be of any use in business or neurology. Trying to do both, looking and walking, gets you into trouble, not to mention silly arm-waving and staggering from unbalance before you land safely on something at least a ton and stop nonchalantly, pretending to look out to sea. Don't chew gum while you walk - it will definitely be too much.

Your ankles are unexpectedly sore when you get home. How much of your right brain did you actually indulge? Will you remember this beautiful day on the shore or will you just plow along, head down, looking for safe landings?

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