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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Woman's Maine

Eva Murray lives and writes on the island of Matinicus, in the strong tradition of wonderful women writers in Maine like Cathie Pelletier, Elizabeth Gilbert, Louise Dickinson Rich, Elizabeth Strout, and Elisabeth Ogilvie. She keeps a blog on Down East online. I was very surprised to read her last post that confessed to never reading Elisabeth Ogilvie.


Ogilvie set her exquisite "Tide" novels on Criehaven (disguised as Bennet's), just south of Matinicus. Eva, you must read them. They sound like your life, tough and tender, brutal and lyrical. I expect life's emotions and trials are pretty much the same everywhere, but what a compensation to live it in a beautiful place.

I'm anxiously waiting for July and the publication of Murray's book "Well Out to Sea."


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