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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Toboggan championships

The 24th annual US National Toboggan Championships were held last weekend at the Camden Snow Bowl. In a sport where winning times are differentiated in hundredths of seconds, the actual winners don't matter, much as in most of the Olympic speed events. Therefore, I continue to present (4th annual) my awards for best team names.*

Two-person teams

Gold                               Nothing to Luge

Silver                              Hard Water Sailors

Bronze                            Fat Bloated Idiots

Honorable Mention         Auf Wiedersehen

Three-person teams

Gold                                Comfortably Numb

Silver                                My Favorite Man Sandwich

Bronze                              Soupcon de Plunder

Honorable Mention           Reeses Pieces

Four-person teams

Gold                                 Surry with a Binge on Hops

Silver                                Morning Wood

Bronze                              Team Barstool

Honorable Mention           Gas-X

*As usual, past winners such as Soggy Boggan Boys, Eat More Kale, and various quantities of Wingnuts remain ineligible for a while.

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