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Thursday, July 17, 2008


I've seen deer more often this year than others past. I'm here more, of course, and have settled into a routine that apparently coincides better with the animals'. This morning it was a young doe on Bay View. It stepped out of the woods, saw the dog and me, stood still (ears twitching) and let us get within 20 yards. Then it bounded (the perfect word for what they do) away.
This afternoon it was the trio of fawns, sans mother this time, or more likely, mother was hidden just out of sight. Last week the four of them played on the lawn of the two-family house on Canns Beach; today it was the lawn of the house that shelters handicapped kids. We didn't get too close either time -mothers, you know.

Wildlife is getting used to humans. They really don't have a choice, I guess, as we poke our way into every corner of every habitat. Do deer prefer lawns? Lawns tend to have good things to eat in and around them, so the danger represented by the bipeds is waning in favor of the calories they can provide. Evolution in our lifetime: is the Peaceable Kingdom next?

See, dear, our young and tender hostas are players on a much bigger stage.

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