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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today the President lifted 20 years of executive orders banning the drilling for oil and gas off the shoreline. It's a gratuitous move: Congress has its own ban and is unlikely to remove it. It's stupid: or should I say, political (same thing). And it's downright unfilial: Bush Senior signed the first ban.

The thought that our gorgeous coasts would be subject to spills and slicks is almost more than I can bear. It's bad enough to catch glimpses of the huge oil tankers moving to and from Searsport at the top of Penobscot Bay. But Maine is working hard for new forms of energy (wind, tides, solar) and always has, apparently, if this old sign in Belfast is any indication. And what about conservation, Mr. President? Come out to the bay and watch the lobstermen tend their traps - they don't drive fast anymore, they don't gun the engine when they turn like they used to. They move slowly and steadily, saving fuel.

Perhaps the oilman in the White House doesn't spend enough time in Maine (when he does come, I bet we won't be treated to pictures of Bushes in cigarette boats). Perhaps Augusta could propose a drilling platform off Walker's Point. When January 20, 2009 finally comes around, where will he go?

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